About Us

The AUTO-GRIP® hand tool line is distributed by AUTOGRIP, INC. d/b/a/ AUTO-GRIP, a Springfield, VA business.

Originally, the hand tool division of Beltway Supply, Inc., a company in existence since 2006 and also of Springfield, VA, AUTO-GRIP received a license in 2014 to develop and market a full line of automatic pliers in North America. In March of 2016, the AUTO-GRIP tool division spun off from Beltway Supply, Inc., and is now operating on its own.

AUTOGRIP, INC. is a member of the Greater Springfield Chamber of Commerce located in Springfield, VA.


AUTOGRIP, INC. is also a member of Auto Care Association.


In 2015, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued a certificate of registration for the mark AUTO-GRIP to Beltway Supply, Inc. The trademark was subsequently reassigned to AUTO-GRIP in 2017. Any unauthorized use is expressly prohibited.  All rights reserved.